E a r t h S h a r i n g  D i a l o g 

The first EARTH sharing Dialog took place @ Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen (N) June 23rd 2018
Initiated by Vibeke Jensen and Dino Karabeg w/invited protagonist David Price

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Situation 3 - shift-enter: Pyramid
The key point dialog resembles a collective climb to a mountaintop, from where we can see clearly the direction we want and need to follow [...] The Pyramid is a tool to discuss power structures and spatial occupation - you can engage the various positions, points of view and hierarchical models offered by its subtractive shape and relate them to the objective of EARTH sharing.

Situation 4 - many small dialogs:
We need to organize and comprehend what we already know [...] Like all living organism, EARTH sharing is in constant development. EARTH labs are meeting places where knowledge and experience are shared, and ideas of how to further the wellbeing of the Earth are discussed.