E a r t h S h a r i n g  D i a l o g 

The first EARTH sharing Dialog took place @ Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen (N) June 23rd 2018
Initiated by Vibeke Jensen and Dino Karabeg w/invited protagonist David Price

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Situation 2 - transcending: BOTTOM-UP-TOP-DOWN
Scaling understood as the change of scale, for example from small and local to large and global, and scaling understood as surmounting and climbing [...] A reflective intervention reads BOTTOM-UP when ascending and TOP-DOWN when descending the main staircase, while a hovering sphere anchored in the coordinates of Bergen depicts a borderless planet. These interventions are tools for shifting positions. They suggest a transcendence of fixed relations between top and bottom and build awareness of the benefit of multiple points of view and moving in-between.