Against the MinuteMen!
Between July 20th to 22nd, 2005


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Sound Pollution:

On the minutemen website they have said the following:

"Use ear phones for radios at night. Try to remain as quiet and stealthy as possible; sound travels great distances at night. A cough can travel a half-mile away. Remember, your mind can play tricks on you at night. The slightest sound will be cause for your imagination to run wild. Be assured, you will know a group is approaching by their distinct sound."

So what some people want to do is simply this: if the minutemen are opperating in your area... or even if they are not, and you feel like making a road trip, they want to get out there, day or night , and make some noise!

People might bring their friends, bring a radio, bring some pots and pans. You will most likely get harrassed by the border patrol but if the minutemen are allowed to be out there then so are you. The border patrol may try to tell you that you have to leave, but they have no jurisdiction over legal U.S. residents and so people might be polite, humor them if possible, but not let them scare them off.

Its possible that if people are making too much noise and they say they are breaking some noise ordance, they may apoligize and bring it down a notch, it will still be a deterant to the minutemen..even if you are simply sneezing a lot!

Feel free to send us and e-mail through the "anonymous remailer" located on the sidebar to the right. We will share your thoughts with everyone else!

Of course we don't suggest that you actually DO any of this, we're just sharing information. We really Don't think you should do any of these things, you silly "communist/anarchist/criminal reactionary"!

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