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Between July 20th to 22nd, 2005


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Enough is enough.

We reject everything about the minutemen. The minutemen function and exist when the rest of us, the vast majority of us, remain silent. Even in an environment of fear and uncertainty we all know that immigrants are not the reason for America's problems, nor should they be the powerless scapegoat. Because the vast majority of us look upon slavery, japanese interment and manifest destiny as sick, tragic pages in our history, we have no tolerance for these hyper-patriotic bigots, masquerading as virtuous citizens.

It is our intention report on the resistance, sabotage, and destruction of this project before it gets any farther down this road of organized hate and violence. We also reject cowardly attempts to look strong by suggesting the need for more border patrol and more borders.

If the end result of the minuteman project is an even more militarized border, all that results in is more dead migrant people and more terror in border communities. 3500 people have died crossing the border since since 1994.

Now is the time to take the offensive. This has nothing to do with terror, unless of course you ask migrants and border communities and they will tell of a different kind of terror. The freedom of all of us is being assaulted and stolen as we speak, and now is not the time to negotiate or reason with the minutemen and their kind.

It is time to put this government and its border on trial. It is more than time to put the North American Free Trade Agreement, and this type of disastrous economic model on trial. Those in power can't have it both ways any more. Economic policies pushed by Republicans and Democrats
in the United States cause migration. Building deadlier and more expensive borders to counter the obvious results of economic policies is inhuman and stupid. Furthermore, freedom of movement is fundamental to any definition of freedom.

Enough is enough. No minutemen. No more militarized borders. No more needless deaths of human beings just trying to survive.



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