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Peter Anastas:
A Survey


Part 1:
The Old Problem of the Dream

"A Disturbance of Memory on the Acropolis"
from chapter of first novel to first major story
to chapter from forthcoming memoir. With commentary.

Part 2:
Community Discussion:
Selections from published books

from Glooskap's Children

from When Gloucester Was Gloucester

from Maximus to Gloucester


Part 3:
Personal Writing

Selections from published books

from Landscape with Boy

from At the Cut

from Broken Trip

from No Fortunes

from Decline of Fishes

Part 4:
In The Works

Selections from un-published books

from Ancient Circle

from From Gloucester Out — Vietnam

from From Gloucester Out — Olson  


Part 5:
Reviews of Work by Peter Anastas

Review of Maximus to Gloucester
by Karl Young

Review of Broken Trip
by Rae Francoeur

Review of Broken Trip
by Richard W. Amero

Review of Broken Trip
by Robert Buckeye

Review of No Fortunes
by Nancy Grape

Review of At the Cut
by Rae Francoeur

A Fighter for Gloucester
Editorial from the Gloucester Daily Times

Part 6:
Comments by Peter Anastas, The Blogosphere,
and other things as yet undreamed

A Walker in the City:
Peter Anastas's blog.

Peter Anastas Interview with Karl Young
Peter Anastas finds the interview format congenial, and related to
everything from his efforts as a social worker, to activist, to oral historian,
to story teller. This interview is lengthy, but broken up for easy navigation
on the part of the reader.
Further interviews with Young will be forthcoming.

Charles Olson at the Harbor
Anastas review of Ralph Maud's biography of Charles Olson

Comments on Edward Dhalberg's
Because I Was Flesh

by Peter Anastas

Back Shore Press
Publisher of No Fortunes

David Rich's blog
Which includes regular comments on Anastas and Gloucester, among other aspects of contemporary writing and the city.


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