Lettriste Pages
Karl Young and Karl Kempton, Editors.
Alain Satié and David W. Seaman, Associate Curators.

Isidore Isou

Beginning of survey of the founder of Lettrisme, with manifestos, commentary, and appreciations.

Alain Satié

Extensive survey of a major Lettriste, including wholistic works running from installations through painting and utilitarian objects.

Catherine James

Work by one of the youngest generation of Lettristes, a polymath whose opus extends the Lettriste base.

Frédérique Devaux

Works by a major figure in Lettriste poetry, photography, cinema, and theory.


Michel Amarger

Beginning of a survey of the work of Lettriste poet, cinematographer, and performance artist.

Roland Sabatier

Several works from one of the major figures among the Lettristes.

Woodie Roehmer

Beginning of survey of the work of a major figure who moves from painting to floating architectural proposals.

Gabriel Pomerand

The "Archangel of Lettrism," one of the original members, whose work reached from sound poetry to painting.

Virginie Caraven

Beginning of survey of a Lettriste whose work, from drawings to architecture, bases itself in diverse writing systems.

Essays, Criticism, Catalogs, and Manifestos

Selections from Manifestos

by Isidore Isou


From Letters to Lettrisme

First Lettriste show in the U.S. in this millenium.

Poetic Architecture of the Avant-Garde

by David W. Seaman


Kaldron On-Line

Light and Dust Mobile Anthology of Poetry