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<eyebeam><blast> Evolution of consciousness

> Memo: Never mind
> To: Children of the revolution
> (Mai 68: La bataille commence, "Il est interdit d'interdire.")
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> The death of Linda Eastman McCartney this week from cancer
> some thoughts in the quiet of respect for physical life.
> (How something is done is what is done.)
> |||
> Other thoughts on the quiet rage of women of her generation.
> Were we fools to pronounce Peace. Love? (Indeed, I hope we were.)
> Were we "the bad characters" who broke the law and in the classic
> tradition of sacred and profane (even Lysistrata - how many schooled
> in Latin, Greek?) bashed back. Stop the war?
> Then a closet momentum of the time was engineering by Vatican Council
> ecumenicism (inter-faith) and "the carnality of The Passion",
> As in 98, Ken Wilbur, The Marriage of Sense and Soul: Integrating
> Science and Religion, Random House, is on the table.
> |||
  Then, there was Corita Kent (Sister Corita,"There will be new rules
  next week".), Dolores Hart (Mother Dolores, still a card carrying
  member of the Academy of Motion Pictures). As nearby, Sister (former
  member of a distinguished ballet company) a physician and a resident
  psychiatry. But Montreal has a particular history and heritage,
  as a missionary colony, not as a trade centre, and is subject to
  disasters of biblical proportions, also miracles, such as our own
  Leonard Cohen's installation in recent years as a zen buddhist monk.
  is a right to speak differently here, and we do. (Refusal to deny
  inheritance, as in hier-loom.)
> And the culture of blame (it's sibling, the complaint file) is
> So certain, so predictable. So many other orders in black and white to

  refuse. Wrong and wronged. And feminist "negative-imaging of the
  patriachy", a grammaphone record playing over and over, also.
> (The foundations of human nature are so uncertain.)
> Or, how many apologies for not being "good enough" does a priest have
> make as he is grotted or slaughtered with baseball bats in the hands
> adolescents? (The face of a new elite ignorati, over-priviledged,
> informed, under no judgement, under no wisdom-knowledge "sanctions"?)
> And/Or the words of Mary Wiggan on Salman Rushdie, "They'll miss us,
> when we're gone".
> |||
> Then, there is "the holy terror"...this life.
> And, 'Maybe I'm Amazed' (McCartney)


  Norma Cartwright Wagner
  Institutional Affiliation:
  Associate Professor,
  Concordia University,
  Faculty of Fine Arts,
  Interdisciplinary Studies,
  Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  H3G 2M8

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