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Re: <eyebeam><blast> AIDS Phantasm

>>The AIDS epidemic has engendered the only true "revolution" I can
>>think of, in terms of how pressure from the social sector can actually

>>change the direction of technology and its uses. Public perception,
>>gained through radical programs devised by groups such as Visual AIDS,

>>Gran Fury, and Act Up, forced the issue on the medical establishment
>>and has unexpectedly positive positive results.


I hesitate to open this one up but since WBAI in NY is doing a special
report this week, I thought I would spread some of the (seldom heard)

Some "mainstream" press is finally catching on to what many have argued
for years.

The HIV virus has never been isolated or demonstrated. In the
desperation to pin a scapegoat cause such as a virus, the original
"discoverers" trumped up a minimal correlation between an unreliable
antibody test and subjectively diagnosed symptoms named "AIDS". Gallo
and others have now admitted they did not follow scientific procedures
in their excitement for fame and fortune, and the ignorant public poured
billions into a scam.

A journal in England is currently offering over $2000 to anyone who can
show legitimate scientific proof that HIV exists.

The HIV test cross-tests positive for over 60 other conditions and is
subjectively determined based on questionaire answers filled out by you
the client.

In places like Africa and South America, they don't even bother with the
test but  diagnose "AIDS" for anyone with one of many symptoms
previously called something else.

Even a cut on the leg is often diagnosed as "AIDS" in Africa since it is
the only thing the World Health Organization will treat for free.


New theories include the following:

Immunosuppressive conditions and symptomatologies have been growing
throughout this century. Certain groups (including heterosexual and
homosexual) sustained a high incidence of such interrelated
symptomatologies beginning in the seventies as a result of a complex set
of factors destructive to the immune system of the human organism
including: high usage of recreational drugs (especially stimulants),
massive usage of
antibiotics, multiple sexual exposure, poor eating, lack of sleep,
environmental pollutants, depletion of food nutrients. Throw in contact
with new viruses and bacteria released by scientific "experimentation"
(perhaps in certain populations) and you have a problem.

Of course most of us are exposed to some if not all of the above in
certain quantities. The point is it's all relative. Some think what the
HIV test actually tests is general antibody reaction to the body's
current viral load in relation to the immune system's ability to handle
it. It may be one indicator (like cholestorol level, body fat, blood
pressure, etc.) that one's overall health is out of balance and that one
should take any number of steps to change that state. Many who have
taken an alternative route have not only lived for over ten years since
testing positive but have actually converted to negative. On the other
hand everone who has taken the drugs which make the pharmaceutical
companies rich has died.

Here is a nice scenario that puts us one step below the victims of the
bubonic plague:

Someone feels completely healthy but is forced to take an HIV test for
insurance or other purposes. He tests positive which may mean nothing.
However, the psychological affect of such an event is like a voodoo
curse - its meaning can kill. The meaning which has been falsely built
up around the HIV-AIDS phantasm (stress does not even cover it) can it
self set the body's immune system spiraling downward. And to complete
the effect, they'll give you some expensive chemical cocktails to make
sure your system is destroyed. That is, if you haven't committed suicide


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