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Re: <eyebeam><blast> AIDS Phantasm

>The misconceptions that can give one cause to draw a sharp, clear
>dividing line between "alternative" and "mainstream"  can cause harm.
>It isn't so simple. Anyone who is doing research, any doctor dispensing
>hi-tech drugs, are they all to be lumped together with the evil drug
>companies? Evil governments? If, as an example, in studies, AZT
>the transmission of HIV from mother to unborn fetus, should it not be
>used because it once made persons with HIV sick? or because it comes
>from an evil, profit-mongering company? or should the treatment be
>streamlined, the money raised, to do this bit of essential treatment?
>to stem the tide. Because there is STILL at this late date in the 
>world's AIDS epidemic, no time to lose, no time to play little head 
>games whether or not HIV even exists.


Yes, it's twenty years too late for victims of "AIDS" and much longer
for others who trust the spectacle which medicine and science have
become. It's a common form of not hearing to misattribute certain
"scandalous" ideas as if they were "crazy" and not actually answer to
the simple facts. Like I said, there is not one acceptable study
isolating anything like an "HIV virus." Neither you nor any "scientist"
has responded yet to that challenge accept to apologize for falsifying
research. If you are tired of playing the "head games" of not listening
and misattribution - not to mention playing along with the head games of
the invention of "HIV" and its resultant chemical and psychic poisoning,
try living.

"AIDS" isn't really the issue. It's just part of a larger problem with
the whole idea of believing in "studies" which isolate false
circumstances from the complexity of life and urging "treatment" rather
than transformation. 

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