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Martha Cherry has been a mail carrier for eighteen years in the town of
White Plains, New York.  This excerpt, presented in Harper's Magazine,
is from a letter sent to Ms Cherry from the U.S.Postal Service last

Martha A. Cherry:
	You are hereby notified that you will be removed from the Postal
Service effective the close of business August 15.  You are charged with
"Unsatisfactory Performance Resulting in the Expansion of Street Time."
	On June 9, you were accompanied on your street delivery duties by your
supervisor.  It was observed that on your route you took small steps
that could best be described as "baby steps."  You walked at a rate of
66 paces per minute with a stride of less than one foot.  At each step,
the heel of your leading foot did not pass the toe of the trailing foot
by more than one inch.  As a result, you required 13 minutes longer than
your previously demonstrated ability to deliver mail to this section of
your route.  
	You were again accompanied by your supervisor on July 1.  On that
occasion you took 17 minutes longer than your previously demonstrated
ability to deliver mail to this segment of your route.  During this
observation you engaged in other time-wasting practices.  You went to
the back door of a house to determine if the resident had returned from
being away.  This took approximately 6 minutes.  Then at approximately
2:00 pm you stopped delivering mail and proceeded to walk to the relay
box at Doyer and Longview in order to get your boots and put them on. 
This was not necessary.  It was a sunny day.  

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