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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Itsuko Hasegawa Interview, Tokyo

Sometimes an opposition is drawn between the local and the global as if
both were, at any time, already there. It is interesting how Hasegawa
describes the local in this interview as something that has to be
constantly produced, and produced using a wide array of heterogenous
materials. Some of these may be part of what's conventionally identified
as "global." The local, then, would not be an essence not a fatality but
more of a pro-tension, the promise of a more elaborate experience of the
In this sense there will not be a clear opposition between the global
and the local, but instead there will be delays involved in the
mediation between a society and its possibilities of reflection on
An example, to go back to our previous discussion on the favela and
national identity, could be Borges wrtings again: producing the local
departing from the global. Of course the local produced in this manner
is always already engaged in a close dialogue with the global. It
contest the global, but from inside. 
Alvar Aalto could be another example, and Hasegawa, for what this
interview lets us know about her practice.
The local is never in the past. Looking for it in the past is delluding
oneself with the phantasms of the presence/present.

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