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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Kant and porn

gullit@altavista.net wrote:

> If Im not mistaken, I do believe that pronography is the most popular
> and viable business on the worldwide web. Can somebody give me a 
> Kantian reading on this.

Porn without Kant:Internet as a sexual prosthesis is certainly the
easiest (but also the most content-less) way to satisfy man's basic
instincts. The sexual subject is satisfied, for the reproduction we have
cloning, sperm banks, test tubes, incubators...but, what do we need a
reproduction for, anyway? Information-sexuality is definitely one of the
secondary products of the information society.

But there is an other story about sexuality:

In Djakovica (Gjakove) I have meet a guy few years ago, Djemal was his
name. He belong to the Turks minority in Macedonia.
Djemal went to Denmark very early and drove the taxi there. He felt in
love with a Danish girl Lenny, they lived together etc.
As Edina was born, few years later than Djemal, Edina's father promised
Djemal's father, that Edina will be his bride.
When the time has come for Edina to get married, her brothers went to
Denmark to Djemal. He had to leave his girlfriend Lenny and go home to
marry Edina, he never saw before. If he wouldn't, her brothers would
kill him. It is too big shame for the family to refuse their daughter...

I also knew other guys, whom father bought the bride (10.000 - 30.000
$). It is still the custom in many places. And guys, who are from very
poor families (or llegitimate children), they have big problems to get
(buy) a bride.

This things are not happening "somewhere in the jungle"; it happen few
hundred miles away from Rome or Vienna...

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