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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Kant and porn

Actually my point was to raise a discussion of the web as another medium
for capitalist marketing. It is a great source of info. but it is also
the newest form of entertainment. Regardless of what businesses generate
money on the web through services, it's the entertainment aspect that is
the source of my question, intended as ironic yet also
thought-provoking, not necessarily through Kant. Marx yes, but...

The fact is, on the services like AOL, while credit card opportunities
are often to be found, one is constantly bombarded with invitations to
pornograhy from the countless entrepreneurial spirits now on the web. In
fact a recent article in the New York Times described how the internet
was pushing street prostitution out of of business. As a business
endeavour on the web that is often created by small start-ups and
individuals, there seem to be some important considerations of this
topic in a discussion on the web and its effects.

Actually: altavists's search engine records: 

Porn Stars=21,838

But the sites of the theorists, in most cases, are not generating
capital. And shouldn't this be a theoretical concern, perhaps in the
vain of Adam Smith.


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