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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Constant & Rem Koolhaas & Itsuko Hasegawa

I think I must support Bracha on the notion of mastery.    The idea that
multiplicity (and one would have to think through the relation of
multiplicity to plurality and to the singular) is not a position from
which to oppose (anything).  In fact, it is not a critical position, and
to turn it into the latest of the margins that will oppose some center
will guarantee the integrity of the margin/center opposition.  In other
words, it will repeat identity politics' own repetition of the politics
of the One.  Multiplicity as oppositional force immediately is
reinscribed into the One's own means of producing identity with itself
through differentiation.  Hegel wins again.  

I want to make this quick so I'll use shorthand.  The reading on this
that is useful is Jean-Luc Nancy's Experience of Freedom, a book, and an
essay called "The Hegelian Monarch."   Those would be two places to

The idea of the multiple cannot become plural, cannot embrace
singularity, without foregoing the criticality that would define an
avant-guardism of whatever sort you like.  This, however, should not be
regarded as some kind of regression to tradition, to use Adorno's
vocabulary.  One would rethink the entire notion of tradition, and
reformulate it without simply opposing a radical other to it that
opposes it.   

Oh, and the other book on this would be The Muses, also by Nancy.  Brian
Holmes would know all about these. 

Saul Anton

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