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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Constant & Rem Koolhaas & Itsuko Hasegawa

More on the urban and the memory of the body, on museums and archives:

"The drift (with its flows of acts, its gestures, its strolls, its
encounters) was to the totality exactly what psychoanalysis (in its best
sense) is to language. Let yourself go with the flow of words, says the
analyst. The drift is certainly a technique, almost a therapeutic one."
Ivan Chtcheglov.

As Nicholas Serota writes in his "Experience or Interpretation: The
Dilemma of Museums of Modern Art," the Pompidou Center, initially
conceived under the influence of the May 68 events, is an intersting
case study of the relations between the institution and the archive. The
flexible structure, whose flexibility became ever present in Pontus
Hulten's curatorial efforts, suddenly became rigid under his successor,
Dominique Bozo, who as Serota writes "had felt obliged to create a
series of rooms within the shell of the building to form interconnecting
chambers laid our along a grand promenade." A traditonal way of thinking
about memory, about the archive, ended up freezing the free flow and
dynamics of the exhibition space, imposing the traces of an
architectural past: a grand promenade as a signifier of the ideology of
conservatism. No more dangerous drifts, but panoramic views.


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