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<eyebeam><blast> fire/cyberpidgin

still more offerings of immediate experience for trade:

   I teach in a university of 42,000 students, located on the peninsula
of the continent of North America known as Florida.  By law no more than
10% of the undergraduate student body may be from out of state.  These
students are traditional in being young, middle class, ambitious, good
test takers.

   I told them what I learned from TESTIMONY on eyebeam
   (indirect acquisition of information
   as distinct from perception/memory/consciousness/reasoning
     according to handbooks on epistemology).

   The Rainforest in the Amazon was burning out of control
    consuming the forest at the rate of 
     (insert name of State of a given size 
        in continental United States)
     per day.
        (I said "Montana" because that is where
        I grew up, a fact whose relevance
        never fails to impress me). 
    Nothing could be done to stop it
    (they had seen clips on the news of fire fighters
     aimlessly turning over dirt with shovels).

   Then two shamans were brought in
   did a rain dance
   and the sky opened and quenched the fire.

"What do you think of that?" I asked

they responded
   (and I just want to report this response
   so that we might compare and exchange information)
they responded:

     "like, d-u-h."

for the emerAgency
Greg Ulmer

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