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Re: <eyebeam><blast> fire and more fire

Since I'm here in Japan, I'd like to hear more about the fire - what is
being done about it, the size, etc. - and the presumed effects on the
planet both globally and locally. If this is off-topic, please send to
me, sondheim@panix.com; I'd appreciate it.

I don't think the Net by the way can do anything about fires, and very
little about politics. Local nets, intranets, are useful in these
regards, but the Net itself, as an accumulation, is already sodden with
information and dysinformation of all sorts. And there is very little
leverage vis-a- vis the "real," however defined. Don't forget that all
image and repre- sentation on the Net is _constituted,_ planned, much as
a movie set is planned, even one which "represents" clutter, debris,

Because the Net might be an empty and emptying discursive space - I
think it appears as if politics has leverage, banking, here. As if the
political were a matter of text, say. As if art were a matter of playing
with protocols or domain names, as if there were anything at stake.

It's not the media that one controls to "control people," something I
found I think in zkp4 which made me shudder. It's the control of the
symbolic, and that involves a leverage which isn't present in the domain
of pure constitution.

Who among us fights fire.

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