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<eyebeam><blast> swaying rhythms

vitruvius conscious of large captive audience
The spotlights are adjusted.....
collective_subject say, "hell"
vitruvius hurriedly completes preparations, puts on large drop earrings
jfsjr coughs nervously....
collective_subject jumps up and down
collective_subject crys
Karsten_Guest says, " tension increasing..."
vitruvius [to collective_subject]: for goodness' sake just be patient
the crowd is hushed i anticipation of collective_subject's words....
vitruvius summons the ghoulish Pierre, his dresser for last-minute
jfsjr straightens vits costume - can't be too careful.....
collective_subject ask, "vit are you dancing?"
vitruvius prepares to dance his famous danse macabre
Onno_Guest says, "what the heck...?"
vitruvius [to Onno_Guest]: just sit down
Onno_Guest says, "can't even stand"
collective_subject takes a long beautifully colored robe off a wooden
vitruvius takes his place on the stage of the Casa del Brown
vitruvius rises slowly from crouching position centre stage as audience
howls with pent 
up applause the lights dim
vitruvius disturbed by sudden intervention of Brown cabaret orchestra
The crowd cannot contain itself with vit's dance beginning...
collective_subject [to vitruvius]: "are you going to dance?
jfsjr says, "I think he's begun...."
vitruvius had been told that this evening's performance would be
vitruvius remains calm
vitruvius adjusts tempo
collective_subject awaits eagerly the dance
collective_subject sits motionless
the band starts again - more to vit's liking...
the lights ficker and dim
vitruvius commences the famed dance last seen at the Cafe de Paris,
the ground shakes a bit
Onno_Guest alias spider starts mooving slowly
vitruvius is conscious of collective intake of breath as he flings
himself into the 
salacious swaying rhythms of the dance
a scroll undwinds partially
Onno_Guest says, "smooth and sexy"
small rustling noises come from the stage...
vitruvius leaps nimbly
jfsjr sh the symbols crash...
Onno_Guest falls on his knees looking up
vitruvius  swishes his gorgeous draperies as the Brown orchestra rises
in pitch and 
dramatic intensity
vitruvius carefully corrects tilt of wig
boom Boom BooM BOOM BOOM!
Karsten_Guest  is stepping step by step along the stage
Onno_Guest lost visual contact, just feels the rythm
vitruvius ecstatically reaches the grand crescendo of his danse macabre
vitruvius returns to the centre of the stage, and orchestra fizzles out
Onno_Guest blows exstatically up
The crowd is hushed in awe....
vitruvius is joined by his dresser, the ghoulish Pierrre (that's the
macabre bit)
vitruvius and Pierre conclude with a sizzling pas-de-deux
collective_subject say, "vit your dance is slow today"
vitruvius says, "it's slow because it's very sexy"
collective_subject blows kisses
Karsten_Guest  is beginning to fly along a highStanding tango tunePause
collective_subject laughs
jfsjr The crowd goes wild...
vitruvius  stoops to acknowledge the applause
vitruvius blows kisses
vitruvius catches air-borne carnation in teeth
jfsjr pulls the curtain closed - a scotch in his hand and tosses a dozen
roses to vit...
vitruvius [to jfsjr]: Thank you. You are my most loyal fan
jfsjr exclaims, "Fabulous VIT - one of your best!"
collective_subject waves to everyone
Onno_Guest feels kisses on his fur
vitruvius returns for a CURTAIN CALL
jfsjr I'm overwhelmed....
collective_subject say, "thank you for joining us"
collective_subject say, "see you soon"
collective_subject has disconnected.
The housekeeper arrives to cart collective_subject off to bed.
vitruvius acknowledges the Brown uproar (he has caused a sensation)
jfsjr stumbles backward from the force of the dance and the 4 or 5
drinks he's had...
vitruvius muses
jfsjr says, "And thanks to the guests, too....your improvisations were
most welcome..."
Karsten_Guest says, " you're welcome"
Karsten_Guest says, " it was a pleasure""
vitruvius finally leaves the stage, staggering beneath the burden of
bouquets and 
invitations to lavish professorial cocktail parties
jfsjr throws a silk cape around vit - helps him from the stage...

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