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Re: <eyebeam><blast> fire and more fire

Dear Clifford
Your posting on the fire has really touched me. I find I am brought to
tears as a very deep pain is stirred & the sorrow of human life is
Yeah, nature is all but gone.
Nature the healing mother, the cosmic link & tangible experience of
macrocosm-microcosm essence.
The reminder of our sacred-ness & purity of Being - Becoming what?
I find the visions of future leave a virtual garden needing to be
So the magic & the secrets within nature are ever accessable.
A healing essence of nature within the machine awareness of a cyber
That needs sowing & tending for the electronic worlds of holographs &
smart interactive architecture.
Perhaps the fire is too great & now out of control to fight or stop - 
Perhaps the bravest thing is in the creating of new life.
Perhaps the most noble is in the planting of fruits for the hungry ones
of the future to taste.
Not to wallow in our emotions reflecting on the destruction but to
create new awareness.
A fire is purgatory, leaving desolation in its wake.
But the earth beneath embraces new seeding.
Let us be responsible enough to plant spiritual food rather than
material and economic investment.
Paradigm shifts leading to quantum leaps in our society.
Who are the front-line soldiers shining the light of an evolving
Those that create with love to help the other.
The artists of Life.


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