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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Dividuals

>The fact that I can reconstruct this raucous conversation inside my >head
>leads me to believe that Varela's critique of Minsky may be misplaced.
>Is it really true that the mind automatically channels contradictory
>viewpoints into a "continuous, uninterrupted thought"? I rarely have a
>completely unambivalent response to any news I hear. Sometimes, it is
>true, when two or more agents collide, one gets the upper hand and the
>other is completely suppressed. But it seems to me (or some of my
>agents, anyway) that this weak emergence is often forced on the mind by
>the social expectations or by the technological constraints of the >media
>by which we communicate. Just because my mouth, pen, or keyboard
>structures my thoughts into a single linear flow doesn't mean they
>started out that way.
>Schizophrenically yours,
>Jon Ippolito


There's no disagreement here really. Its a matter of style. Perhaps
Minsky misses the enfolded nature of nested hierarchies while Varela
smooths over the chaos, "evil," and "disease" generated by sovereign
entities freeing themselves from larger wholes. A constant tension
persists between the emergence of events self-organizing out of
"chaotic" parts which are themselves wholes of other parts. There really
are not parts or wholes just forces of envelopment/development taking
part sometimes in matter. See Deleuze's "The Fold" or Guattari's
"Chaosmosis" (or Reich's "Cosmic Superimposition" if you can find it)
for a more complex perspective on these issues which various scientists
of today are stumbling ever closer to with old maps in hand.



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