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Re: Re: Re: <eyebeam><blast> localization carnival


Thanks for your comments. Anyway, more than pervert the formula I am
afraid you've reverted it back to the original equation. By television I
meant "O Globo." A big balloon that unifies a territory into a nation.
Isn't it interesting that in South America nationalisms in XX century
have been so closely associated with militarism?

In order to clarify my position regarding the concept of nationalism
that seems to be at stake here I will like to quote a paragraph from
Ernesto Laclau about the name of "America". I think something similar
might be happening with the signifier for "nationalism" in the context
of South American countries:

"The question, however, which remains to be answered is this: has the
signifier 'America' without distinctions, without separation of the
South from the North, any possible role to play as far as the Latin
American peoples are concerned? My answer is no. I do not think there is
any political gain for Latin America in playing around with the
possibility of a community of destiny with the Anglo-American peoples.
However, what about the Afro-American and the Hispanic minorities in
North America: is there, for them, any language game to play around the
ambiguities, the floating character of the signifier 'America'? The
answer, in this case, has to be different..."

The political uses of a signifier depend closely on its context. It is
under this light that I consider the question of nationalism in the
context of South American countries extremely dangerous and problematic.


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