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Re: Re: <eyebeam><blast> localization carnival

Carlos I liked your equation, it is very sinthetic and into the point.
Nonetheless I will  make a suggestion inverting, perventing it a little

National identinty through an open process of identification=embodyment
of chaos=identification with otherness. National
'indiference'=globalization=no chaos=no imagination=television!!!

yesterday I went to see josé celso martinez correa ( Rei da
Vela=antropofagia=tropicalismo) at the centro de arte hélio oiticica. he
was performing Artaud (For the end of god's judgement. is that the
translation?). Very powerful, violent, mixing samba, shit, sperm, blood,
parangolés, monocromáticos, video. at a certain point artaud was asked
what is cruelty? and he said - "I'm sorry, I don't know, I'm going

At the same time that he came across with all that excrements, all that
natural power against the judgment of god, against purity, against form,
therefore showing cruelty in its original formlessness, he couldn't say,
he couldn't define it. It is only a regulative idea, as god and liberty
were for Kant, that had to be put into work, to be thought of. ' where
there is danger, there grows also what saves'. 'What are poets for in a
destitute time?'   

Isn't National Identity as an open process only a regulative idea? is it
interesting and desirable to live without it? is a global identity
possible? is global against national?

um abraço, luiz camillo 

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