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Što stimulate a process of self-revelation, going back as far as
the subconscious, yet canalizing this stimulus in oder to obtain
the the required reaction.
Šmeia lua de frente, rabo de arreia, queda
THE SITE is an encounter
To eliminate from the creative process the resistances and obstacles
caused by one's own organism, both physical and psychic.
There is a  difference between activities and action: series of
executed without intention lack a proper muscular tension, are
part of intention. Even existing at a muscular level level in the body
it is linked to some objective outside of you. Intentions are related to
physical memories, to associations, to wishes, to meetings
with the other [=THE SITE]
Sabe chegar, sabe sair. (Brasil/THE SITE)

go onto the stage and start pseudo-intensity - you will be not in the
bate papo, ficar na resistencia
Grand Ballon d'Alsace - Belchen - Badischer Belchen, an celtic geomantic
overlaying today borders of 3 countries
THE SITE is not in the moment

AÇÃO cidadania contra a misèria e pela vida
to be able to articulate this process, discipline it and converte it
into signs. To construct a score whose notes are tiny elements of
what we call "give and take"
Šjogo de dentro, jogo de foraŠ
The author of PROMETHEUS found in the very myth both an act of defiance
and a springboard, perhaps even the source of his own creation/THE SITE
HIS Prometheus was the outcome of his personal experience.
An encounter implies a struggle, fascination follows it.
Ša roda de capoeira
Trance is the ability to concetrate in a particular way and can be
with a minimum of goodwill.
inductice technique - elimination of outsided stimuli
deductive technique - accumulation of skills, tourist behaviour

An acceptance of poverty, stripped of all that is not essential per se
to it,
may reveal tu us the backbone of the medium we're in, but also the deep
riches which lie in the very nature of it/THE SITE.

"Believers, be patient and forebear, stand firm in your faith and fear
so you may thriumph." (The Quuran/3:200)
Of course, a producer wants to be creative, he therefore - more or less
consciously - advocates an autonomous market, independent of a wider
context, which seems just as pretext from others to limit his potential.
Lampião is a glorified thief, seemingly a Brazilian kind of Robin Hood,
also was an ordinary criminal.

In the shadow of the white history the "quilombos" have been forgotten,
maybe they reminded the ones in power that other forms of life were
Favelas and quilombos/THE SITE have in common that they are not
structured by
an ordinary authority foreseen by the constitution. They are not
by political
representives. Are quilombos still existing?
Are they adapted to Brazilian authority thinking or do they share
mechanism? What would be typical for such a place?

ninguem e prefeito - no one is corrupting others
os velhos - /THE SITE decides what happens to its members
sai o homen de saia - no church or priest
comunidade - wealth is shared
crime - no jail, but more strict than Brazilian legislation,

Closest /THE SITE outside of São Paolo one finds in a range of 140 km,
but they won't tell you where.
To feel free you have to see the limits, the horizon.
Glory to be me/THE SITE!
Švamos jogar

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