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Re: <eyebeam><blast> localization carnival

Carlos: In 1946 Jorge Luis Borges wrote a small text called "Our poor
individualism" where he compares argentinians with europeans and
north-americans. At certain moment he observs that  "an argentinian
differently from an european and a north american doesn't identifies
himself with the state (...) the world for an european is a cosmos, that
each one corresponds intimally to its proper function; for an
argentinian it is a chaos". The point that I want to make isn't against
an open process of absorption and transformation of a tradition. I agree
with the privilege of the periphery.  But it doesn't means that the
world is one, that we cannot speak ( I know it is difficult) of
national/cultural differences, and that certain differences are more
interesting than others. About the difference between Brasil and
mercosul I will answer as tom jobim did when asked if he makes a
difference between classic (erudita) and popular music: I don't but they
are different. 

I also agree that there are plenty of Brasils in one, and surely the
south of Brasil (the separatist region of course) is much more
'pratense' than brasilian. The point is that from so paulo down to the
south, we had a big immigration after the end of slavery, destroying the
african/indian/portuguese heritage. Rio as Joo Gilberto said " a
cidade dos brasileiros". According to Agostinho Silva, Brasil is the
strenght to superate the north-protestant period of civilization.

I agree that Oiticica, Glauber e Oswald (although they are very
different) leave the question of nationalism open. On the other hand I
don't see among some brasilians nowadays the tendency to close it down
again. Where are they? My problem is more about how to think their open
conception of nationality today? The question is completely forbidden in
a globalized world. We have to make it.
Luiz Camillo

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