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Re:<eyebeam><blast> localization carnival

Thanks Ricardo and Andreas. To my previous notes I would add another
short story by Borges, "The Aleph". It is the perfect counterpart of
"the Argentine Writer and Tradition"... Their flip nightmaring side is
"Funes, the memorious one," but that's another story -in both senses :)
In the Aleph the center of the universe is found in a lost neighbourhood
of Buenos Aires. In a modest house about to be demolished. It is a
transparent little sphere... It is not found, as Hegel would, in
coincidence with the center of power, but forever displaced. (Oh, I like
that little word so much, it is so proper in its lack of decorum and
location, proper with no properties). The net displaces us too. My words
are immediately read and translated, maybe because thay have already
been translated before they're even written... Not Hegel, but Humbolt
-have you read the little story about the size of crocodriles in the
Americas... Hegel wrote that the animals in the Americas were small and
weak, degenerate. Of course, there could be nothing more western that
his West... And Humbolt called him ignorant, telling him about the 15
feet crocodriles that he had found in his trips. There's a great video
installation by Josť Alejandro Restrepo on that historical anecdote.
Borges also said that, something about an Extreme Western (so evident in
English the double sense).But, as we all know very well, Borges is not
really an Argentine... At least not in the sense that Videla (Chief
Commander of the Army and first unconstitutional President of Argentina
after the coup in 1976) says he is. I think it is wise to get away both
from Hegel and Videla.

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