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Re: <eyebeam><blast> other/vertical/localization

4 messages, from Linda Rogers, Mike Stubbs, Joseph Overbey, and Alan

Linda Rogers <lrogers@vaxxine.com> writes:

Personal localization:

I am at the top of the cusp of North America. Niagara, where the North
American waters all tumble into a vast chasm.  Here is me on my bicycle
riding   d

.............   Murray Hill to the brink of the Falls on the Canadian
side, wondering when the brakes are going to fail on my bike or on my
nation and we are going to plunge over the edge and disappear.

I have learned no longer to feel the shaking in the earth from the
pounding waters as I walk about my garden but it is still there.

Linda Rogers
Niagara Falls, Ontario
family page:  http://www3.sympatico.ca/douglas.rogers/douglas.rogers
cello page: http://www.cello.org/freepage/lrogers.htm
BPO Educational Programs:  http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/5732
GH Social Action Committee: 
No more the drudge and idler, ten that toil where one reposes,
But a sharing of life's glories: Bread and roses, bread and roses.
Our lives shall not be sweated from birth until life closes;
Hearts starve as well as bodies; bread and roses, bread and roses.


Mike Stubbs stubbs@easynet.co.uk writes:

Ben williams wrote:
>Re: Mike Stubbs. I figured someone would probably get angry and assume I
>was calling Talvin Singh a "sellout" or something. In fact, I agree with
>you: good luck to him. Also, I like a lot of sampled music, its mostly
>what I've listened to for the past eight years or so. But that doesn't
>mean I can't wonder how good it is sometimes. Or try to get at the
>complications of the way it signifies. Most of your problems with what I
>wrote are misinterpretations. Which is probably because what I wrote, I
>wrote very quickly, and probably not very well. Which probably has
>something to do with email as a format for complicated discussions...
>Interesting this
yes i did want to get angry - and i was the someone on email as a format
for communication

email assumes alot
and like in conversation with friends much is left unsaid - much is in
short hand and much is without inverted commas or clearly designated
- but is ironic
this is why luv like it  - and i do belive it is good for complicated
what came bak off your piece was a combination of:
1       your initial reactionary comment on talvin singh's work (with a
tinge of anger of your own ?)
2       my misinterpretation  might be defined as; interpretation of my
3       comparisons of opinion are fine - it was the absolute nature of
your tone
4       and yes email does have tone - but its subtle

dipping in and out of the eyebeam discussion - i have formed some sense
of community and opinions on who is writing what - not full imaginings
of who looks like what - but i have a pretty good idea of who is coming
from where - also seeing the multi communications - there is a fair bit
of language and style and differing discussion contexts between
different participants - this suggests enabling comparitors and we all
get to  build more complex understandings

the sparks, 'misinterpretations' and disagreements are as important as
any discussion

best wishes
mike stubbs


<JOSEPH_OVERBEY@yr.com> writes:

The conceptual discourses that spin within eyebeam are no doubt relevant
to whatever you wish to apply them to (society, art, politics). The
applications even more astounding.

However_ the transition from theory to application does not always flow
as smoothly as words from the mind.

There is no doubt that this medium provides a certain degree of
detachment. But is it sound to accept that detachment as part of our
ideology rather_ then simply a nuance of our communication? 

Has anyone polled the citizens of a dying third world nation on their
feelings towards greater bandwidth?

It would only happen as a cruel joke. Yet, all too often we try to apply
our vernacular to worlds we truly know little of.

There isn't any call to action here. Just a plea to avoid dangerous
assumptions and cycles of detachment.

It is dangerous to assume that starving people want email.



Alan Myouka Sondheim <sondheim@panix.com> writes:

Whyat GIS are you attempting to comprehend? My brother works in
geomatics- I've had a lot of papers, etc. from him on the topic, but
right  now they're in NYC and out of touch.

About the other - I don't see jodi.org as hackers on the search to or
from truth, but more as artworld mystification. I may be missing
something; I like the pages - I've also used a lot of the same commands
and files. But they're presented as mass, little explanation. I think
the programmin g - html etc. is brilliant - but I've learned more from
any page of 2600 about the Net, interpenetrations, virtualities, etc.,
than I have from all the times I've visited the site. Instead, the site
seems on one end net-savvy but on the other too much related to say
Hannah Darboven (and I don't think there's a real relatinoship there at
all by the way) - what might be considered false depths...

I'd correct this but am hacked into a few connections from upper state
australia and don't want to bother staying on too many lines at once.


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