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Re: Re: <eyebeam><blast> localization carnival

Caros Luiz and Ricardo,

A couple of things:
1. Why is it that it seems so difficult for you--at least in the context
of what you've written--to think of Brazil in relation to any other
country/culture that is not the US? In both your texts the US appears
recurrently as that which it is always already counterposed to Brazil,
defining its identity. And this even if you both define Brazilian
identity as, fundamentally, an open process of non-identification... It
smells of some sort of dialectical argument...
2. And, related to that: why is it that the open process of
non-identification that you call cannibalism, tropicalism, etc is
reinscribed--in both your discourses--as a national(istic) trend? It is
quite puzzling to see this reassertion of national (romantic) values
happening in the net...

I would also like to hear more about the internal political problems
that make the favelas what they are today -- and of course about the
possible relation between these and globalization.

Muito obrigado,


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