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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Other/Cheap Desire

*  "privileged" - Why do So Many Believe having "access"
*  to the net is a form of DePrivation? Maybe Millions-Billions of
   Could Not care less; perhaps they fear the impingment of Yet another
   addiction Machine Into theIR Psychic machinery; Why assume the
   'majority' whatever
   that is, even want to spend their 'time' such as it is, 'on' the
   net?:::::::::: Break the "Virtual" studio the Captain said, as she
        her eyes around 
                fixing each of us in the cold gaze of her authority; The
    net she said: Boooyyyyzzz this is a Scam worse than the Venusian
all this little microdot shit and molecular shit is going to hack you
hook, line, and sinker. She smiled, and giving us a lecture on desire
explained a fews things. STORM THE REALITY STUDIO: those being the
famous words of her dad the Cut-up Novelist, Will Lee.
 I quote  and say it as I hear it:
        "the majority who have no access..." There is no Majority. There
are groups of varying sizes; the very concept of majority misleads.
Besides whichmost people Dream about Bodies; Smooth or Rough, Intense or
Sextense...."dreams about the Net...." Dream about the cheap, satellite
which traps you in the global watch mechanisms stationed Around the
planet. Who runs the Reality Machine????
> Yes. But: "cheap" (WITHOUT WISHING TO SOUND SARCASTIC: THIS WORD 'CHEAP' GETS ON MY NERVES....LET THE POOR SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES SOMETIMES AND MAYBE IT WILL BE CLEAR the poor Dont Need Anyone Speaking for them. "To move on Line" sounds terrible with the potential for its own uniformity and regimentation.... 
        Never Mind the net: What about TV and Cable and Satellite global
televion and blah blah blah. Sometime back Lisa Hutton wrote that in
California she has "access" or "gets" 50 channels or some thing like.
And still she sees Nothing there. There Ain't Nothing on Folks.  She
stared at us with the hard gray steel glint she had inherited from her
old man.

        Satellite of Love/Satellite of Love/ satellite access is on its
way. That won't be enough*** Never Enough and Always Too Much**
Ontologies of Havingness and Not; Is this Not a return to the Illusion
of Hobbesian
        ScarcitY???? There is NEver Enuff In the Capitalist Economy of
> even for those who could afford the very cheap rates --still out of the
> reach of 2 billion poor// Again the Old Assumption that the Poor Want
the same thing?? Why, the captain said is this being put forward? Are we
not already poor enough? Perhaps we Want to leave our Bodies. Perhaps we
dont want to Be on the Net' Sister Teresa the sexy Captain of Desire
walked away feeling flames of indignation. We don't Need no Education we
don't want to be Just another Brick in the Wall.
**** on the earth--in principle at least.**WHose Principles?
        "they" will "need" to know why to bother. ** Why do "they need
it will take
> activism on the ground to get people to move on line.**Disagree: Why would the P0oor want to get on Line when they Can't Eat?? I don't think the Job of the Artist is to Create yet another Need in the Poor. Lack is part of the Capitalist system Already. What the World needs is "access" to Desire: Always Desire More Desire, Desire, Desire.

        "I know of poor

"..... women's organizations in India, So. America and No. America who
are now
> connected with each other; // large cities. They gain insights, strategies,
> resources, etc. from this locality to locality communication. There is
> work to be done...." ** issues of death/life/abortion/birth/
        "So Please Invite these Organizations On Line to"
this Discussion; Unless you Have been asked to Represent them, why don't
they speak for themselves? I weary of those who always speak for the
"poor" that legendary "mass" of nameless hungry ones. Every Day I see
the "poor" and they are not Interested in this Web. "The poor You always
have with You...." "I am the Poor... Said Jean Genet.": They are Not
interested in Poetry, Art, Beauty. But more commodities. More Wakmans,
more v.c.r's.
        One wearies of the same rhetoric year in and year out. The
artist does not speak in the name of the poor. The poor: I ask this
about the Poor: Why makes anyone think that being Poor makes people
gmore interesting or politically more motivated than anyone else; what
makes the poor more artistically intelligent or attractive? I don't feel
sorry for the "Poor". Many of the Poor support fascisms of all sorts.
Many millions
the Poorin Iran for instance supported the Fundamentalist Movement etc.
I realize there is more to this than meets the eye. But I ask along with
William Reich and with Deleuze and Guattari: Why Did the Masses Support
Fascism? Why do the Masses always Lie down and Take the Shit which is
Meted out to them? I say there is Poverty yes, and I ask what does it
mean and how does it fit, and where and perhaps How Can I be useful to
But I ask it always from  the perspective of a context that is already
historically for the most part determined. My possibility of movement
and choice is limited. And within those limits, and not some pretence to
a universal and free choice. The very idea that one can discuss the
"poor" strikes me as a return to some "essentialism" that leads nowhere
and gives us no information.... As for the Net. Well. Good for the "net"
the "net" is also a Context, and so I say let us hear, if they are even
remotely interested what the "poor" groups that are spoken of in this
text them speak for themselves...

        "The imagination-- to cut across." So the captain of the

revolutionary guard retracted she pulled back the sex shield which
reminded everyone of the Perseus and Medusa. WHat strange animals lurked
inside the danger dynamic of the beast?********************************
 It is a dynamic*** Desire is Dynamic** Historical** Positive***
> space figures frozen growth************** Figures of Desire and Litany
        for the Other;
> contribute to sha*** Marat, We're Poor and the Poor Stay Poor, Marat
Don't Let us Beg anyMore: We Want Our Rights and We don't Care How.
        We Want our Revolution Now.*****
 So I say: let 's see more diversity.  > right, in US. very unequal
distribution of participation by class, race, > etc. (many inside the
US. don't self-identify as "Western". I am > convinced --coming from and
limited by my work on ec globalization-- > that 
                Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
                Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
                The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
                The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

                The best lack all conviction, while the worst
                        Are full of passionate intensity."
        The Second Coming... by W.B. Yeats
we can no longer simply
identify countries with "Western" or "rich"  > and "poor." I do not
worry about the elites in Mexico City and in Sao > Paulo. I DO not
"worry" about the poor of Montreal,, Moscow, or China. "I know the rich
man does not sleep in ease..."
disagree with you, but just to elaborate and > clarify my position.  > >
        Desire Must be Positive or it will Not be at all. Desire is
        Historical, specific.*** With Thanks To W.S. Burroughs, K.
G. Deleuze, F. Guattari, Lou Reed, L.Cohen, W.B.Yeats
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