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Re: <eyebeam><blast> localization carnival

It is wonderful that Ricardo introduced the favelas in the forum. Favela
is a word like Saudade: it names something that liquifys itself when
translated. It is something extremely important to our culture, either
for its lyrical memory from the fifties (everybody remembers Orfeu do
carnaval, Vinicius de Morais, and the bad film of marcel camus) or its
threatening presence nowadays with its weapons and drugs. Even nowadays
this image of a land of desorder misleads the reality. Of course it is a
dangerous place, but it is like this because it responds to a big demand
of drug and violence, that is created somewhere else.  Last wednesday I
went to Mangueira after the Escola de Samba from there won the Carnival
parade. it was a huge party, where people from the community were
dividing their hapiness with everybody, rich and poor, black and white. 
While I were there I remembered Helio Oiticica's Tropicalia, his big
installation from 67 that gave the name for the Tropicalismo movement
(Caetano veloso, Gilberto gil..). He intentioned with that work to build
a new image of Brasil, based in a new myth, "the miscigenation myth".
Thats exactly where inhabits our energy. Our miscigenation means favelas
+ Brasilia (our modernist capital), an organic architecture mixed with
the modern formalist ideal. We are the Other who has incorporated the
Same. This is Unique. I'm sorry if I am being too brazilianist, I don't
care, because on the other hand we are just another poor, injust,
desordered, south american country. Some people really thinks that
Buenos Aires is our capital, and that our artistic tradition belongs to
a sort of magical realism (bloody exoticism).
Once Tom Jobim said: to live in New york is good but is shit, to live in
Rio is shit but is good (morar em Nova Iorque  bom mas  uma merda,
morar no Rio  uma merda mas  bom). We have to think about this
contradiction, and thats it.
luiz camillo

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