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<eyebeam><blast> Different Web Art


I think Gabriela is not saying that in other countries are not different 
socio-cultural groups with different roots and interests.

But, why in this list the people is talking about the Web, the Internet 
as a consumate thing? Not. In my country, for example, where half of the 
people knows how to write, and the other half knows have to ride what 
they write, there, the Internet is less than a dream. Only privilegied 
groups have acces to that medium.

In this sense, yes, all the discussion on "eyebeam-list" has a demagogic 
discourse. Talk about globalization is not to talk about humanity.


---zonezero <zonezero@mail.internet.com.mx> wrote:
> Well stated Gabriela. However your question "Or is this  medium too
> "western" in nature?" should remind you to what Ocatavio Paz wroteabout
> us in Mexico. Suggesting that one part of Mexico looks to the Westand
> the other part looks to our indian heritage. That sort of experiences
> with duality are even more important today in the context of the
> internet. All these multiple realities are actually coexisting on the
> net today.
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