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<eyebeam><blast> Different Web Art

although I am not a WebArtist and I have been subscribed to this list 
for only a short time, I would like to share some thoughts with you. 
Someone talked about the Net not having a nationality and others replied 
by arguing exactly the opposite. This made me wonder (me being not 
American or European) if one could say that people coming from different 
socio-cultural contexts have a different approach to the Net; if they 
write or read it differently; if one could tell such differences from 
the way they produce WebArt, for example. Many of the things I have read 
so far, refer to the Net, WebArt, etc. as seen only through American, 
perhaps European eyes. What about the rest of the world? Or is this 
medium too "western" in nature? Maybe this does not make that much of a 
sense to you (it sometimes doesn't to me), but if someone feels it does, 
please share your thoughts.
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