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<eyebeam><blast> quickly evolving techniques

Matt Hoessli wrote:

> I've had a lot of my code rendered unviewable by
> the 4.0 browsers  at the same time, the 4.0 browsers
> have opened up a whole new territory for me to work
> in that I am quite happy with.

But who is setting the agenda?  As you remark, film makers have not had
complete control over their medium. Still, the celluloid format remained
remarkably similar over most of the century.  In part what I meant by
the "constraints" of certain languages (like Java) was the
other-directed evolution of the "base classes" (underlying toolkits).  A
while back I also might have contented myself with the strategy you
advocate ("you pick a point and jump in. you stay flexible, you make
decisions on what innovations to keep up with"), but I have rewritten
code and adapted to the vicissitudes of the software industry so many
times now that I must ask: How does one address one's work to a wide
audience on the net without getting caught up in the maelstrom of
reorganizing protocols, procedures, and versions?  This instability does
not only provide possibilities, it also keeps artists from developing
sustained, personal processes.   Can I be expected to produce art that
supports every browser?  If I do, will I have time to read this

Andy Deck
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