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<eyebeam><blast> Nikuko



*** Value of LOG set to ON ^***^ Alan_S (sondheim@panix3.panix.com)
has joined channel #cybersex *** Topic for #cybersex: 0037:BC:<Jesus>
BRB <---------yea right *** Topic for #cybersex set by  `AntiChrist 
on Feb 14 12:13:29 *** #cybersex 887461296 ^***^ none has joined
Nikuko settles down for the night all wrapped up with her kittens.
channel #cybersex - Gravity505 - DCC Send script.ini *** DCC SEND
(script.ini 3072) request received from Gravity505 [ E/X ] I am
autogetting /net/u/6/s/sondheim/script.ini from Gravity505. *** DCC
GET:/net/u/6/s/sondheim/script.ini from Gravity505 completed 1 kb/sec

<Larry^47> ROTFLMAO *** none is now known as Guest30868 *** Roaster is
now known as Punisher *** Guest30868 has been kicked off channel
#cybersex by _^Pagan^_ (10We are taking up a collection ta buy ya
your own nick...till then.. get the phuck out!) <`AntiChrist> i kill
me *** Signoff: |Romeo (Quit: Leaving) <Amber--^> we will start with a
Nikuko cries silently to herself, midnight-dreaming of loving families.
passionate french <zebra1> amber please fuck me sweety <natasha2> hi
everyone *** Signoff: Gravity505 (Quit: Leaving) ^***^ litle has
joined channel #cybersex *** Lululean has left channel #cybersex ^***^
brosnon has joined channel #cybersex <seto1> LOOKING FOR ANOTHER MALE

<nakedguy`> hi natasha2 *** Mode change "+b natasha2!*@*" on channel
#cybersex by _^Pagan^_ <zebra1> mmmmmmmm *** natasha2 has been kicked
off channel #cybersex by _^Pagan^_ (One at a time please) *** Mode
change "+b *!*@" on channel #cybersex by `AntiChrist
Nikuko is happy morning-dreaming, surrounded by smiling men and women.
<countryboy1> any ladies what to be my valentine. msg, me! *** brosnon
has been kicked off channel #Cybersex by `AntiChrist (IP Filter:
*!*@ (Clone sheep, Not PPL) *** Signoff: HOT-BOY (Ping
timeout) <Jericho^one> that's damn funny AntiC! <Ned^> Hi
Natasha...nice to meet you..

^***^ Bob_Mass (justme@bterrace.tiac.net) has joined channel #cybersex
<wildtyme> fuck ^***^ FFreTT (ou812@pntcmi137198.voyager.net) has
joined channel #cybersex *** Punisher is now known as DoggyBastah
<Amber--^> oh i forgot my tongue in your mouth babes <Larry^47> oh
Nikuko, in beautiful soft dreaming, dawn-smiles, wakes up very slowly.
^***^ Mike21 has joined channel #cybersex <Larry^47> heh <Larry^47> ok
^***^ timmmm has joined channel #cybersex <wildtyme> shit sorry wrong
chan *** rips has left channel #cybersex <zebra1> oh

<Larry^47> he called you Antic <Jericho^one> I heard Jesus logged on
three days later though.... *** BOB23 has left channel #cybersex
<alanw> look, let's get to the point. any ladies want to talk to a
real man? <Jericho^one> must be net lag ^***^ rd1 has joined channel
Nikuko looks at morning plum tree blossoms and light morning sky.
#cybersex <zebra1> lick ma body sweety *** DoggyBastah is now known as
Cupido ^***^ ^ilikeit has joined channel #cybersex ^***^ cyberjohn has
joined channel #cybersex

*** Signoff: Aerdy (Quit: There are old pilots and there are bold
pilots, but there are very few old bold pilots) <alanw> a real man
with a dick so big it is unreal? <Amber--^> okay <Nuc|earWi> Any
ladies want to chat or cyber msg me. *** Larry^47 is now known as
Nikuko is happy and smiling, thinking of soft beauty all afternoon.
Jesus`Christ ^***^ samm (..@ has joined channel
#cybersex *** Signoff: cuteguy20 (Quit: Leaving) *** Signoff:
Glen31047 (Quit: Leaving) *** Mode change "-o `AntiChrist" on channel
#cybersex by `AntiChrist

*** Signoff: hornyme (Quit: Leaving) *** Mode change "-b natasha2!*@*"
on channel #cybersex by _^Pagan^_ ^***^ Ninja-Turtle has joined
channel #cybersex <Jericho^one> Do you know any alanw? *** No such
variable "logg" *** Cupido is now known as CupidoTheLover <alanw>
Nikuko walks slowly at dusk, almost forgetting the very lovely day.
hahahaha ^***^ Ikabod has joined channel #cybersex ^***^ bhdick has
joined channel #cybersex *** Signoff: Alan_S (Sweet taste of
vindication, It turns to ashes in your mouth.) IRC Log ended *** Sat
Feb 14 12:15

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