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Re: <eyebeam><blast> the virtual identity

Teo Spiller wrote:

>You may find this message too "self-promotional", but that is what I am
>trying to say: self-promotion (in any possible form) is the subject's
>basic motive for the activity.

Self-promotion as the "desire" or "need" to be acknowledged propels the
subject playing a game of master and slave - which our society of humans
still unfortunately suffers through despite Hegel, Freud, etc. blowing
the whistle - until or if one becomes the master looked at by the slave
and is no longer satisfied with this base-ic admiration and then. . .

But the problem could be avoided were we to discover that the subject's
more "basic motive for the activity" were a kind of communication (read
communion, sovereignty, love, desire, co-emergence, transversality,
mutual recognition, impossible, real, sacred, orgone, wigglism . . . )

It's too bad the profession of "artists" has only served to perpetuate
the lack of sovereignty in the world.

To create - to be an artist - still means "the gift." Overabundant flow
which gives without return - without expectation - alone establishes the
possibility of a link that matters.
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