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I am learning how to draw the chart or find my place on a map of
intersecting grids, local and global, actual and virtual, near and
My tutors are
   Walter Benjamin (as analysed by S. B-M.) who lived at the null point


                   Paris                  X             Moscow


   My axes are not so geographically logical
     I do not yet understand the meanings of each city, not yet ready to
make the chart into a cosmogram, as another tutor, Huston Conwill,
knows  how to do with the places of African American identity.
   my *home* page includes
   Miles City, Montana (hometown)
   Gainesville, Florida (adult life).

   And then, the other two quarters have been evoked "here" by
 for whom I have questions.
   the third quarter of my virtual place is PARIS.  You have lived one
of  my fantasies, which was to be an exile in Paris.  My Paris, I
realize, does not exist now and maybe never did, since I learned about
it only through books and movies (equivalent perhaps to a Japanese
version of the American frontier).  At the same time,this bohemian Paris
of Montmartre, and MontSartre, is an actual dimension of my
imagination.  Please tell me more about your decision to leave actual
America for actual Paris.

 the fourth quarter of my virtual home is marked at times by a certain
*Brazil,* the country but even more the song by that name, the samba
song, and more than that the feeling that I know only from listening to
the music and reading books, the feeling that I am told is called
SAUDADE. What do I know about Malandros?  What does a Parisian know
about an Apache? this ignorance never stopped us from articulating or
expressing ourselves in a global pidgin, cyberpidgin now, postcolonial
trading language of states of mind circulating free from their roots,
origins, justifications, proprietary rights.
   MILTON, you told us about Silvio Caldas who sang with Carmen Miranda
(whose persona or even just whose name actually put me in Brazil).  What

is SAUDADE? and does it travel well or ill?

for the emerAgency
Greg Ulmer

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