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Re: <eyebeam><blast> localization

I think that Brian Holmes text have 2 excellent sentences that needs
some discussion. He wrote that "cultures don't live in the same time"
and "to discover another culture is to reinvent your own, to reinvent

To the first one I could add that even inside some cultures we can see
different times. A couple of years ago, there was in the first page of a
brazilian newspaper a photo of a group of people deep inside our country
(Brasil) that were watching TV for the first time. Old people and
teenagers were dividing the same emotion. Independent of any ideological
conotation, we could see from the photo that they were having a
transcendental moment, a sort of revealing emotion that is completely
lost in "our time". I came across a situation of different epochs
(times) in the same country. And is this "temporal gap" increasing with
technological development?

About the second sentence, I think that it has an optimistic approach in
this very caotic moment where death and desintegration are always
turning up in the discussion about art and cultural identities. It
believes that identities is not something established, but it is a
creation, a poiesis, that get some energy in the contact with the other,
with otherness. In that way, being in a country that is still inventing
itself - 'that has no character' to use our own anti-mith Macunaima of
Mario de Andrade's modernist book -,  is a sort of advantage with all
its risk of desintegration: creation and danger belongs together.
luiz camillo osorio

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