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Colombo - Sri Lanka

Local time is lunch.
Another bomb blast in the busiest & most crowded public area.
Police station - the target.
The poor sector of the public - the immediate sufferers.
Art via cyber-space is dead to me here & now,
as dead bodies & severed limbs create gruesome arts of horror in this
The city is in chaos.
Phone lines throughout have been cut or are not in use due to
Lives have been destroyed,
by the artist of a little exploding device,
who dances under the strings of the corrupted motives of a political
guerrilla,  playing judge & executioner.  
what possesses the minds of the makers/creators  of bombs?
Can it really be the money he is paid for it's assembly?
I think the dinner eaten out of those profits will surely cause
Or perhaps it is power?
perversion of power.
And if the excuse is political ;
chaotic devistation cannot be "good" however "good" one thinks the cause
is fighting for to be.
Suicide bombers are sold or sacrificed with pride as babies 
and trained throughout their short blinkered & indoctrinated lives
to carry out the self-destructive orders of a human being with a major
Toys of destiny.
Well I say destiny is changable.
It (Life) is an art - being created by us with every thought.
And the (group) cosmic consciousness mirrors our own (individual)
External reflects internal - external is a manifestation of the
The individual consciousness must evolve towards a more spiritual
consciousness which promotes the idea of Life as an art in which we all
We create with our thoughts & expectations.
We must become responsible for these manifestations.
Let us become conscious of the art we create by becoming conscious of
art we are.


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