the electrohippie collective's

The Iraq sit-in web page

This page enables you to participate in the 'web page' based action.

Note – for this to work, your browser must be able to display frames, and JavaScript must be turned on.

You must select a connection type from the options below that best represents your Internet connection. The purpose of this is to ensure that you use as much bandwidth as is available to you when taking part in the action. Note that you will still be able to use the Internet, albeit very slowly. If you wish to saturate your bandwidth, devoting all your capacity to the online action, click one of the links again to bring up a second copy of the tool.

To begin, select the type of Internet connection that's the nearest
to what you think you are using, then click the button:
After clicking the link the action window pops-up. Another window will then pop-up that asks you to confirm your participation in the action (this just makes sure you don't take part accidentally, against your wishes). Click 'OK' and the action begins ('Cancel' will close the window). As the action progresses the 'Connects' box counts up. Each count represents a 'reload' of a page on the site that is part of the online sit-in action.

If you start to get lots of errors, because the site cannot be contacted, or the connection becomes broken, or the connection 'times out', this could be a sign that the action is becoming effective.

If you wish to use the Internet at any time, or you want to stop the sit-in action, click the 'Close' button. This will close down the action tool window. If you then wish to restart the action, select your connection type again and click the button above.

Download and run locally!

The aim of this action is to get as many people requesting files form a web site as possible. However, if this action is REALLY successful that's precisely what could happen to our web site too! For this reason, if you feel able, we ask that you download the action files and run them from your own computer.

If you run a web site, then we'd be very happy for you to upload and mirror these files on your own site.

To begin with, download the PKZip file by clicking on the link below:

You need Winzip or PKZip to unpack this file. This produces all the files required for the web-based tool, and the Java-based tool.

If you unpack the files in a directory, to run the tool you open the file called "primary.html" with your web browser. you then go online, and having made a connection, proceed with your web browser as you would do if using it from our site.

The instruction for using the Java tool are precisely the same because that must be run from your own computer in any case.

If you do not have Winzip or PKZip, and so can't unpack the files, press the shift key, and then click on each of the links below one at a time, in order to download the files to your computer without opening them in the browser.