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The Iraq sit-in Java tool

This page enables you to participate in the Java-based action.

To begin, download the tool by clicking the link below:

If you are using Linux, jump to the bottom of the page now. Mac users can only run this program if there is a 'Java run time environment' installed on the machine.

You should save this to a location you can easily remember – for example in 'C:\' – because you need to easily locate it. We'd recommend that you put it in 'C:\' because it makes the next stage much easier.

This tool has been tested on Windows 95, 98 and ME, but not Windows XP (for ideological reasons, electrohippies refuse to use WinXP). We know it runs under these other versions of Windows.

To run a Java program under Windows you use a program called 'JVIEW' (located in the C:\WINDOWS directory). This runs in MS-DOS mode, so we have to open the MS-DOS prompt Window. For example, under Windows ME, click 'Start', then 'Accessories', then 'MS-DOS Prompt'. This brings up the DOS window.

First of all we need to change the location to where you've put the iraqAction.class file. If you've put in 'C;\, enter 'cd ..' and press return (the DOS window defaults in the 'C:\WINDOWS' directory, so this should be all you need to do. If you need to change to another directory, for example 'My Documents', enter 'cd "My Documents" (the quotes are required because there are spaces in the name).

Next, if you're not already online, connect to the Internet. Then go back to the MS-DOS window.

When we're in the right directory, enter the command to run the Java tool:
    jview iraqAction.class

The tool will now run. You will see the reload counter begin to clock over.

If you're using a slow modem, one DOS window will do. If using a 56K modem, then you should have enough bandwidth to open another MS-DOS window, and run another version of the tool in parallel, to have a greater effect. If you are using a broadband connection, you should be able to open up to five or six DOS windows, with a tool running in each, before you exhaust your bandwidth.

As with the web-based tool, the longer you can keep the tool running, and the more often you use it, the better. However, if you start beginning to get an increase in the count of errors, it means the action could be working (but it can also mean that your own 'Net connection is being interrupted).

Linux users

Those excellent and tasteful individuals who use Linux have a much easier time. Save the file in you home directory. Open a terminal/console window. This defaults at your home directory, so all you have to do is enter the following command:
    java iraqAction

As outlined in the example above, you will need to run more than one version of the tool to use all your bandwidth. For this reason open one or two (for 56K modems) or up to six (for broadband) and repeat the command.