Unlimited Free Space: Comprehensive Waterfront Plan

Transcripts - Hammered to love...

How 'bout yourself, Ly-Marie? Have you had any encounters with unknown people?
No, this is my first, with the guy who owns this business.
How did you two meet?
In Boston. His brother owns a restaurant and I was hostessing there. And he was laid off at the time. So he was helping his brother with the new restaurant. He just bought this restaurant. So [David] was like helping out and bartending and we just met like that... I was- I was a party person and I would go out all the time. And he's from new York and he was like bored and stuff and we went to the beach and that's pretty much how... three years ago.
I was down here in New York and he was trying to coax me up to come open up this restaurant because he knew I had a lot of time. And then one day he called me up because he was interviewing people for jobs. And so she had walked by the restaurant and he had run out - To visualize it, my brother's a big guy, he's got a lot of girth - And he ran out the door of the restaurant and approached her and asked her if she wanted a job. Instead of her coming in and asking for a job, he went and asked her if she ever worked in restaurants. And she was like, "No." And so, he said, "Do you wanna?" And she said yeah. So then he called me in New York and said, "I got a girl for you. You gotta come up here." And he was right, I guess. Apparently.
That's such a sweet story.

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