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S L E E P E R _ C E L L
Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway, 2004

crossing, DVD, 2004

SLEEPER_CELL was exhibited simultaneously in two galleries in Stavanger, Norway in August/September 2004: Rogaland
(RKS) and Galleri i/o/lab.

At RKS night-vision video was projected into the twilight of the darkened gallery: The double-channel video crossing, depicting
seemingly insignificant events from a Williamsburg intersection secretly recorded at night from my studio window, was shown
on two large screens forming an obtuse angle. Behind the screens was a secret space where the single-channel video sleepers
was projected from above onto a tiny bed. A 'nanny cam' camouflaged in a teddy bear was covertly recording the visitors as
they watch the sleeping children. These video recordings were played back on a monitor in the window of Galleri i/o/lab, which
functioned as a surveillance nest.

Visitors who came to RKS could choose to sneak around the corners to view crossing but to see the whole installation and
uncover its secrets you had to cross the projections. The sensitivity linked to the challenge of crossing boundaries and entering
the spotlight is key to the project. Actions and inactions are left to the viewer to interpret and intersect.

The project was generously supported by a grant from The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs' art and new technology
program and an exhibition grant from The Arts Council Norway.