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installation view stills from video documentation

Installation in Public Space:
SLEEPER_CELL   Galleri i/o/LAB, Stavanger, Norway, 2004
digital CCvideo, CCvideo system, desk, chair, red tape, orange flash light,
TV screen, micro camera hidden in TV antenna, launch chair, security guard uniform, dimensions variable.

Galleri i/o/LAB, a window gallery in a shady public underpass outfitted with non working surveillance cameras. During SLEEPER_CELL the gallery was turned into a surveillance nest. In one window, a monitor displayed covert video recordings captured by a micro camera hidden in the teddy bear at Rogaland Kunstsenter. A map of the RKS installation was traced on the window with red tape. In the other window a launch chair and a TV screen displaying closed circuit video of the underpass were waiting for an absent surveillance guard.

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