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v i b e k e   j e n s e n : s c o t o p h i l i a
Galleri F15  Moss, Norway, 2005

installation plan

...............circular mirror with peephole

In the pitch-black project room a video is projected onto a suspended sheet of sanded glass. The video is shot by night outside the gallery building and involves a disorienting derivé: up and down a fire escape, around the orchard and down the alley to the moonlit beach. The frantic recording and its intensely intimate sound create a haunted atmosphere severely contrasting the idyllic daytime setting. A field of salt on the gallery floor leaves only a narrow path along the black walls for the public to view the video and a peephole that perforates a boarded up window on the opposite wall. The peephole is surrounded by a circular mirror revealing both the video projection and the observer while surveying the exterior courtyard.