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c u t i s i n t [ e ] r a c t i b i l i s

In the spring of 1994, i.e. occupied the office and gallery space at Tribes Gallery for c u t i s i n t [ e ] r a c t i b i l i s. This time, a computer monitor was visible behind the inner office window and a sheet of plastic "skin". The translucent plastic obscured the view of the screen and a series of suspended photographic prints behind it, depicting human skin. Viewers had to alter their posture to peer through cutouts in this plastic. The same sheet of plastic served as screen to an eye projected from across the gallery and a film loop of a knee projected from inside the office. The computer monitor displayed a moving collage of architectural and human orifices. User clicks of the mouse prompted indignant strings of archaic English slang. c u t i s i n t [ e ] r a c t i b i l i s used this motif to redress the media as inflexible barrier to human interaction. Our eyes translate the univers around us into the languages of the worlds under our skin.

c e c i  n ' e s t  p a s  u n  p e e p  s h o w

In the fall of 1993, individual electric made use of the entry and closet space at Tribes Gallery for
c e c i  n ' e s t  p a s  u n  p e e p  s h o w. The viewer enters through a sliding door. Above a red light shines when the closet is occupied. Inside, the visitor lowers a bench and sits down. Light projected from the rear casts his/her shadow over a magnifying glass positioned in front of an opening in the wall revealing a computer screen. A sequence of dissolving photo-collages depicts various looking devices and fragments of a naked body. A soundtrack combines the noise of television, running water, erotic activity and other "found bites." The surveillance camera discreetly situated below the screen feeds a surveillance monitor at the entrance of the gallery. Here, viewers may peek at the activity in the closet - upside down. c e c i  n ' e s t  p a s  u n  p e e p  s h o w was our first investigation into the object and the eye, of beholder and beheld.

individual electric is engaged in other activities, as well. Blinded by science as well as aesthetics, recent i.e. partnerships include user interface design for Multimedia Communication Research at Bell Laboratories, presentation programming for Bellcore, training in multimedia production at some NY design shops, immersive lecture/workshops, environmental transformations of nightclubs, mercy missions, etc. Our commitment to exhaust the means of communication include the development of d i g i t a s, a CD ROM periodical for the arts and literature.

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