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Para cualquien dolor, para cualquier dolencia... - frequently heard words from megaphones in front of Mexico City pharmacies. The list of remedies to cure any illness or pain you might suffer from is endless. Witch doctors offer their advice. Holy powders that will supply a shower of money, make sure you win the lottery or drive evil powers away are for sale side by side with less traditional, scientifically developed products. In the medical museum, babies sliced in vertical sections are on display between glass blocks. This city that regularly shakes up its inhabitants came to represent a constant potential for psychological and physical tremor that inspired sismo individual, an interactive computer kiosk where the user is placed in the terrifying seat of a dentist chair. Surrounding the chair are other medical and scientific instruments of forgotten origin which are appropriated for other purposes discovered by the museum visitors through their interaction. An abandoned ambulance partially blocks the main entrance to the museum. Installation at Museo del Chopo, Mexico City, October 1995.

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