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E n e r g y   W h e e l   T r o n d h e i m ,   2 0 1 3

Seen from the inside
Lacquered perforated plate, beams and construction in aluminum, acrylic glass, LED

E n e r g y   W h e e l   is an interactive light sculpture situated on the building's 4th and 5th
floor facade. It is visible from 6 windows facing north towards the fjord and city center.

The sculpture responds dynamically to indoor and outdoor light conditions. The LEDs are
programmed to change color, pattern and pulse in response to the energy consumption of the
Trondheim region, outdoor temperature and wind velocity. At night the sculpture's shifting
lights cause reflections inside, while in the daytime the perforated screen frames the view as
you move, and the fragments of the circular screen shift from seeming almost transparent to
brightly colored.

in collaboration with   Ula Jern / Ljos

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