E a r t h S h a r i n g  D i a l o g 

The first EARTH sharing Dialog took place @ Kunsthall 3.14, Bergen (N) June 23rd 2018
Initiated by Vibeke Jensen and Dino Karabeg w/invited protagonist David Price

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Situation 4c - magical mirror:
introducing knowledge federation [...] The massive door to the former bank vault reveals a magical mirror that lets you discover that you are not an objective observer of the world, but a creative and responsible participant. The vault is turned into a SAFE Space for the most liberating revelations of how to be part of a global solution.

Situation 5 - roundtable dialog:
the evolution of a 'collective mind' capable of integrating the best insights of our best minds, historical and living, and engage our 'collective intelligence' to co-create and maintain state-of-the-art understanding of core issues. [...] The intervention provides opportunities to interrelate all knowledge to recapture a sense of the whole. When put together, the wedges create a Roundtable for key Dialogs where top-level insights and knowledge can be shared.