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v i b e k e   j e n s e n : D I A M O N D _ S C O P E
1:1 CONNECT   TRIENNALE BRUGGE 2015   Market Square

DiamondScope and Belfry

DiamondScope stands across from the Belfry on the Market Square in Bruges. It’s octagonal structure and shell of mirror glass addresses the watchtower and mirrors, fragments, and multiplies the medieval architecture and the people on the square. Inside, there is a secluded space where visitors and residents of Bruges can meet as strangers in an intimate space. Through the diamond shaped spy glass they can observe the people outside but are not themselves visible to onlookers.
DiamondScope confronts the power of the gaze and the shared use of public space. The intervention frames and questions visual consumption and offers the public a possibility to reflect on their point of view.