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Street_Walking from Control_Room

Control_Room, bank of monitors

Street_Walking from museum cafe

Control_Room, security guard

The Control Room is maintained by a security guard (the artist), and contains all the equipment that run the installation.
Four monitors display edited surveillance footage from a New York street. Another monitor displays a live feed from two
CC-cameras placed at each end of the installation. A LCD projector and a CC-camera hang from the ceiling. When visitors
enter the Control Room they are caught on camera and projected on the black screen that blocks the space. For a few
seconds the projection changes from displaying the slow-motion video street_walking, to displaying the visitors in real time.
In contrast to the small surveillance monitors, this projection is scaled to show the subjects in full size. From the museum
cafe at the other end of the corridor you see the other side of this interactive projection, while a CC-camera oversees the
area and a speaker prompts did you look over your shoulder when you pass by.
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