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installation plan

The art of surveillance.
Vibeke Jensen: "Closed Circuit"

...We enter something long, narrow and dark that seems to permeate the entire
Western World: surveillance... ...Closed Circuit infuses me with a notion of total
vision, diversion and impertinence. This is an expression equivalent to my time.
Joffe Urnes, Billedkunst

...In the exhibition [Closed Circuit] we are invited to join as hidden voyeurs,
simultaneously we feel the camera's scrutinizing gaze aimed at us...
Per Christiansen, Adresseavisen

C l o s e d  C i r c u i t   takes place in a 20 meter long, 3 meter wide space divided in four
zones by partitions and projection screens. At one end a gun-check houses 8
GUN shots; close-up
photographs of guns hung on the wall in a revolving fashion.
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